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Web Development

Looking for a smoothly running website with a fresh design?

We are ready to realize this project completely according to your wishes.

Quality is the most important thing for us. That is why all developers in our team are highly trained and we continuously invest to take their skills to an even higher level. Thanks to the perfect division between front-end and back-end, we can realize the entire project from A to Z.

Beforehand, we go through all the wishes and functionalities of the project together. With this information we make a planning, so that it is always clear when the website is finished. In addition, it is possible to continuously monitor the progress of the process.
We work with clear project management systems to ensure that communication runs as smoothly as possible. In addition, all employees speak English and Dutch/English project supervisors are present.

This service is possible on a project basis or by hiring a full-time or part-time employee.

Graphic Design

Do you want a striking logo for your company? Or could your corporate identity use a makeover? Our designers are full of creativity and can't wait to surprise you with a new design.

A designer can be deployed for various activities. You can think of projects such as:
Website layout, Brochure, Animate, Logo, Flyer, Illustration, Business cards, Poster, Photo editing, Stationery Advertisement.

We provide a complete workplace with the right software packages to carry out the work excellently.

Naturally, these employees speak good English and we offer Dutch project support. This service is possible on a project basis or by hiring a full-time or part-time

Data Entry

Do you have one-off or repetitive input activities? Then you can now outsource this extra cheaply to our data entry specialists in Indonesia.

Incredibly accurate, precise and fast. These are the most important characteristics of our Data entry department. All employees are good at using Microsoft Office programs, but entering data directly into your own system is, of course, also possible.

Have you ever considered that the time difference with Indonesia can be a big advantage, especially for data entry? When you pass on an assignment to us in the afternoon, it is often finished the next day before you start your working day. This allows your business processes to run a lot faster.

Accelerates the process and save money. Because the wage costs in Indonesia are a lot lower, a collaboration with us is therefore doubly beneficial for you.

Video Marketing

If your company or product can be found online with a dazzling promotional video?

Our video editors can create various unique video projects. Think for example of videos such as:
- Promotion Video
- Instruction Video
- Animation Video
- Product Video
- Advertising video for social media campaigns
- Lyrics videos for Youtube

Of course these employees speak good English and we offer Dutch project support. This service is possible on a project basis or by hiring a full-time or part-time .

Meet MadeIndonesia

Who Are We?

MadeIndonesia was founded in 2012. What started with outsourcing only web development has now grown into a complete package of services. In addition to web development, you can contact us for graphic design, video marketing and data input work.
All employees work from our office in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our team consists of Dutch management and Indonesian developers, designers, date entry specialists and video editors. A good collaboration is very important to us. That is why we really enjoy brainstorming about projects together. Because through good teamwork, you bring out the best in each other.

We consider training and development very important. That is why we continuously invest in the knowledge of our employees. In addition to improving professional knowledge, also think of language courses. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the projects.

In contrast to many other foreign outsource parties, we offer Dutch project support. In this way, communication runs smoothly and we can switch very quickly

The Work We Are Proud Of

Featured projects

MadeIndonesia's core business is the outsourcing of development, data entry, video editing and design work. In general, our services are used by other service providers. However, we also work directly for a number of end users. To give a good idea of the services we provide, this page contains a number of examples of projects

Technologies we use

Experience of others

What Do Our Clients Say

MadeIndonesia has helped me with different services in different areas and I am very satisfied with their work. The work I do is diverse and because of their expertise in several areas, they have been able to assist me where necessary. I really like that I can communicate in Dutch. Several projects have been successfully completed and hopefully many more are to come.


We started MadeIndonesia a year ago and hired a front and backend developer. In the beginning, we had our ups and downs. However, after a while we have created a very efficient workflow. The investment in time was all worth it. We now have a flexible team in Indonesia and look forward to expanding this. The great thing is that we can communicate with the project manager in our own language in case of problems.


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