Our services are interesting for both end customers and fellow-companies. We have two different ways of working together. This way there is always an option that suits you. Below we further explain

Project basis Option 1

Prior to the assignment, we go through the briefing together extensively. With this information we make a plan to calculate how many hours we need to realize the project. You will receive a quote from us based on the number of working hours and an estimate of the delivery date. In this way you already know exactly what you sign up for. This form of collaboration is ideal for one-off projects, or when there is still some uncertainty on the longer term.

  • Pre-agreed price
  • Clear and insightful planning
  • Dutch/English project management
  • Economical hourly rates
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Full-time/Part-time employee Option 2

With this form of cooperation you hire an employee for the desired number of hours per week. This employee works from our office and is fully available for you during these hours.
You can easily communicate with each other through our project management system and monitor the progress of the projects. During the induction process, we ensure that everything runs smoothly as fast as possible, so that you quickly experience all the benefits.
We think flexibility is very important. That is why this form of cooperation can be cancelled monthly after the induction phase. Finally, you will of course make huge savings on wage costs, employer contributions and employer risks that you have with employees in paid employment.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Standard amount per month
  • Self determined activities/planning
  • Insight through project management system
  • Keep flexibility
  • Dutch/English project management
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Less risks compared to a permanent employee
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